Corporate support

Y Care International believes that companies’ involvement in charity in invaluable.Apart from the obvious benefits for charities, it’s good for staff and good for business. A well-focused partnership with Y Care International will play a vital role in supporting our work with disadvantaged young people all over the world, and will have a positive impact on your company.

The benefits of corporate partnership

More and more companies are recognising the advantages of partnership with charities and in supporting Y Care International, corporate partners are helping to improve the lives of young people and their communities around the world.At Y Care International we want to develop mutually beneficial partnerships. Committed support from companies helps us develop projects which are sustainable – essential to the effectiveness of our development work. Supporting Y Care International is also one way for companies to put their social responsibility policy into practice while enhancing their profile, image and workplace morale.Y Care International has developed many successful partnerships over the past 20 years. Each unique partnership is managed effectively and is tailored to each company’s needs. There are many different levels and methods of partnership; your company may choose to get involved in anything from a day’s employee fundraising, to long-term sponsorship of a project in the developing world, to encouraging employees to donate through payroll giving.No matter what size the company, you can make a crucial contribution to Y Care International’s work. Working together, we can make a real difference.

Benefits to us

  • Your partnership can give us the security to develop more sustainable programmes
  • Your staff fundraising will play a vital role in supporting our work in the UK and overseas
  • Your actions will help to publicise our work and generate future support

Benefits to you

  • Enhanced company image – becoming our corporate partner means enhancing your profile through association with an established and trusted charity, with strong links with the highly respected global YMCA movement.
  • Demonstrate corporate responsibility – many companies now have a corporate social responsibility policy. A partnership with Y Care International is a practical and highly visible way to advertise and enact this policy.
  • Improve customer loyalty – customers are becoming increasingly discerning of businesses which are associated with charities, displaying responsible and ethical business practice. A partnership with Y Care International can encourage customer loyalty.
  • Employee fundraising – fundraising is a great opportunity for team building, raising morale and strengthening relationships in the office place.
  • Publicity – sponsorship or fundraising for Y Care International can generate press coverage both regionally and nationally and in consumer and trade press.
  • Support from us – we provide our partners with high quality resources for corporate communications as well as expert advice on running fundraising programmes of any size. Depending on how your company chooses to support us, we can also offer reports and updates from our projects and sometimes arrange project visits.